Our company specializes in the field of
design and consulting services for
infrastructure projects.


Examination, design and authorized supervision in the field of infrastructure projects: highways, roads, transport facilities. Conducting geodetic research and recordings.

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Project management

Assessment of the compliance of investment projects and undertaking construction supervision, in the field of infrastructure projects: highways, roads, transport facilities, water supply networks, water treatment plants, hydrotechnical facilities, buildings, urban regeneration and development. Conducting road safety audits.

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Construction supervision

Management of infrastructure projects in accordance with Bulgarian and international standards, according to operational programs of the European Union, including all forms of FIDIC contracts. Preparation of technical and economic evaluations. Transport modeling.

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Completed projects


Design and implementation of construction and installation works for strengthening and enforcing a landslide.

Zone 2-4

Construction, restoration, and renovation of public spaces in the central part of the city Sofia - Zone 2 and Zone 4.

Studena Dam

Studena Dam is located in the valley of the upper course of the Struma River, approximately 15 km from the town of  Pernik. It was built between 1950 and 1953.

Struma Motorway

The section of the highway included in Lot 3.1 from Blagoevgrad to Krupnik, from km 359+000 to km 376+000, is 12,500 m long.

Gabrovo bypass

"Road III - 5004 - Gabrovo bypass from km 0+000 to km 31+000", section from km 0+000 to km 20+124.5, including a stage connection from km 0+000 to km 3+ 130.

Road Kalotina

Modernization of the road I-8 Kalotina - Sofia Ring Road from km 1+000 to km 15+500 and stage connection.

WWTP - Kubratovo

Reconstruction, modernization and upgrading of WWTP - Kubratovo of Socia municipality (under FIDIC Yellow Book Conditions of Contract)/

Road Mezdra - Botevgrad

Update of technical design and construction of the site: Road I-1 (E-79) "Mezdra - Botevgrad", Lot 1 - from km 174+800 to km 194+122.

WWTP Tutrakan

Construction of WWTP and completion of sewerage network in the town of Tutrakan.


Road III-1003 "Dragichevo - Rudartsi - Kladnitsa" from km 0+000 to km 9+339,20=9+200.

Park Vazrazhdane

Entertainment and recreation complex with aquapark and park area –"Vazrazhdane".

Hemus Motorway

Hemus Motorway - Section 2 from km 103+060 to km 122+260.

Depo Tarnovo

Regional waste management system in Veliko Tarnovo region serves six municipalities - Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Elena, Lyaskovets, Strazhitsa and Zlataritsa.

Depo Pernik

Regional waste management system in the Pernik region, serving six municipalities - Pernik, Radomir, Zemen, Trun, Kovachevtsi and Breznik.

Office 1 (central office)

13, Damyan Gruev str. Sofia



Office 2

10-12, Damyan Gruev str. Sofia

Office 3

15, Damyan Gruev str. Sofia

Office 4

10, William Gladstone str. Burgas

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